Business as Usual

Summer Jazz, Outside My Work



Nothing strange or unusual to report. Actually nothing at to report. It was a very calm week.



The highlight of the weekend was playing futsal. I woke in the morning to a steady rain falling outside. However there was no lightning so the game was still on. I resisted my urge to stay inside and watch movies all day. So I suited up and took the train.

Fortunately the rain let up during my commute and the thick clouds lightened. I met with the rest of the boys and we set out for the field. We played against one of our usual opponents. But different from usual, we played very well. For the first time ever, we actually beat the other guys, and we beat them consistently. Our spirits high, we hit the locker room and cleaned up. Afterwards some of the team went out for dinner and drinks. Unfortunately I had to pass. The next weekend would see a national holiday. And I needed to save as much as possible!



Product packaging in this country is amazing. Unwrapping items is an easy delight. All you have to do is find the little tab, pull it, and all of the wrapping comes right off. I find this very satisfying compared to American packaging. For example, CD packaging in America. The hassle of trying to open a CD case for the first time is enough to discourage purchase. There are two kinds of plastic shrink-wrap before you can get to the three different stickers keeping the case sealed shut. It’s maddening!

But here in Japan, that is not the case. Everything is wrapped so it’s easy to open. From a ¥100 rice pouch to a brand new washing machine. It’s effortless and I appreciate that. For example, I recently bought a CD here. I pulled the magic tab on the edge and all of the plastic came undone. The same tab then pulled up the sticker on the case. So with one movement I had fully opened my new item. Amazing!

I’m not sure why the Japanese are so insistent on good packaging, but they are. Everything is wrapped professionally. Unfortunately, all of this packaging means a lot waste and trash. But if you can overlook this downfall, you too can love opening new items. It’s simply fantastic!


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About japanesealex

Alexander lived in Japan from 2010 to 2013. He is now pursuing a career in public service in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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  1. Claudia Wheeler says :

    Doesn’t sound very green. Yea a bonus blog!!!

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